What are GPA and CGPA? (Indian Grading System)




What are GPA and CGPA

In this post, we will shed some light on what GPA and CGPA mean and how they are used and calculated in Indian universities. More importantly, how Indian students can apply to foreign universities using their GPA?

If you are keen on studying abroad, you might have already begun applying to colleges and universities. You would have come across, enter your GPA. So, what does GPA mean and how do you calculate it from the Indian grading system to the American grading system?

What are GPA and CGPA?

GPA is known as grade point average. It is used for finding out your average grade for a semester or year. That depends on your degree or course. The average points that you have attained in your course term, are calculated by credit hours attended.

The CGPA is known as the ‘Cumulative Grade Point Average.’ This is used to find out the average performance of a student for their degree. The credit hours make up the entire number of hours you spend in class.

The grade points are the marks you got in your subjects for your degree. When you want to calculate the CGPA, you need to divide the entire grade points obtained during your course by the credit hours attended.

The GPA and CGPA are indicated by numbers rather than grades or percentages. The grading system used in Canada and US is between numbers 0 to 4 GPA. In Australia, the GPA points are denoted from 0 to 7.

How the GPA system differs from the Indian grading system

As a student from India, you may be left in a dilemma when applying abroad. That is because the system used is completely different. In India, the percentage and the 10-point GPA system are used.

Your marks are converted into percentages and divided into categories. For example, you have first class, second class, and so on. The percentage can be changed to International GPA. They are converted to letter grades and then matched with the appropriate International GPA score.

An Indian percentage of 90% would be close to A grade to GPA of 4 in America. Below is a chart highlighting the GPA conversion from Indian to US grading system.

A = 90-100%: GPA = 4

B = 80-89%: GPA = 3

C = 70-79%: GPA = 2

D = 60-69%: GPA = 1

F = 60% or less: GPA = 0

Why is GPA important?

Now, GPA earned at the end of the degree can be unforgiving. If you have not put in the effort or time needed to obtain high grades, it reflects poorly on your overall score. Your GPA holds the key to your admission abroad.

The moment the education department views your GPA, they get an idea of your personality, perseverance, and dedication. It also means you are capable of excelling in their university. Additionally, you stand to apply for scholarships abroad that can come useful.

On the whole

It is crucial that you obtain a good GPA when applying to universities abroad. They are particular about the grade you have attained during your coursework. Your Indian 12 standard marks can count and break the deal.

If your GPA is low, then take some time to analyze where you are going wrong. You will want to realize that your future is at stake in your GPA and CGPA as well. Putting in some labor can ensure you reap the rewards in the end.

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