Can a CGPA Score Decide Your Career?

What is CGPA?

Before we delve into the post, one must understand what a CGPA means. Educational institutions and universities in India and abroad have a standard metric or grading system. As the grading system in schools like A, B, C, the CGPA evaluates students' academic capabilities.

It is also known as the 'Cumulative Grade Point Average.' The grades of your semester marks are taken into account at the end of your course and calculated. If you were enrolled in a 4-year degree, then the average you got in the semesters is calculated upon completion.

The role a good CGPA plays in your career

It is a proud moment when you write your high CGPA beside your degree on your resume. The CGPA makes it simpler for hiring firms to judge only the students' technical abilities and dedication.

A good CGPA has a positive impression on the hiring managers or leaders on the student's time management and overall dedication. They feel that if a student has obtained a good CGPA score, they can be hired straight away.

But can a CGPA score decide your career or not?

Can CGPA decide if you are a worthy candidate or not?

Obtaining an excellent CGPA in your degree or course is no small feat. It would have taken intense studying, hard work, and time management. However, an exceptional CGPA is no guarantee for a sublime job in a top-tier organization.

The simple reason being, thousands of students graduate yearly, and even those with a CGPA of 9 may not make it. You will be surprised to know that students with 6 CGPA might be technically brighter than students who have obtained 9 CGPA in the same degree.

Why do your other skills matter?

In a rapidly transcending world, the technical skills of individual matters at the end of the day. Recruiters are looking for creativity among candidates. An employer will consider your CGPA, but a candidate with outstanding technical skills will be hired.

We read about bright students who have obtained more than 9 CGPA remaining unemployed for a lengthy period of time. This causes depression and suicidal thoughts in them. Besides, they are mentally harassed by society, which is unforgiving.

As harsh as it sounds, that is the plain truth on how it works. That is why you will want to also work on your overall skills, including technical, presentation, and communication. The candidate who can excel in all these fields stands to settle down sooner.

In conclusion

There is no denying the fact that your marks or CGPA play an important role in your career. They are indeed vital for deciding the future of any student. But you will want to ensure that you do not disregard your communication, verbal, and physical skills to attain your dream job.

It comes as no surprise that today's organizations are inclined to the overall skills and emphasize the candidate's all-around abilities, rather than just the CGPA. Your CGPA won't work its magic charm on hiring managers unless you can demonstrate your complete set of skills.