What GPA Is Required for Stanford?




Student admissions in a renowned university like Stanford hinges on many academic factors. If you are someone who aspires to be a student at Stanford, you need to have a compelling application and substantial achievements to back it up. Some integral components of a good application are good SAT or ACT scores, letters of recommendation, and a high school GPA that places you at the top of your class.

In short, Standford claims that there is no minimum GPA required in order to have your application reviewed or be admitted to Stanford. However, to get accepted by Standard, you will normally require a GPA higher than 3.96 and a SAT score of 1500 or above or an ACT score of 34-35.

Stanford University’s Official Requirements

Stanford University maintains that the candidates are selected solely based on ‘academic excellence,’ which they claim is evaluated by viewing an applicant’s achievements in the context of their unique environment and circumstances.

By doing this, the council extrapolates their aptitude to succeed. They profess to ‘holistic admission,’ where they carefully review each part of a student’s application. A student’s high school transcript is said to be the most integral part of their application. According to the university’s website, applicants must have no minimum GPA or test score to submit their application at Stanford.

Prerequisites For Getting Admission To Stanford University

However, Stanford has a meager acceptance rate of 4.79% and a high yield rate of 69.97%, making it one of the most challenging universities to enter.

What GPA do you need to get into Stanford?

  • To get your application reviewed by the admission council, you need an SAT score of 1500 or above or an ACT score of 34-35.
  • You need to have a GPA higher than 3.96. If your GPA falls short of 3.96, you need a higher SAT/ACT score to offset it. Your GPA and test scores are the chief determinants of the selection process.
  • There is no minimum GPA required to initiate the application process.

Other Requirements

  • In addition, you need to choose demanding courses to make for a challenging curriculum.
  • It is also recommended that you take several AP or IB classes, and Stanford does not require you to submit your AP or IB exam results. Nevertheless, you should self-report your scores as the university welcomes them, and it will further prove your ability to excel in college-level courses.
  • Stanford also considers a student’s extracurricular and non-academic activities, whether participating in a club or holding a job. They want you to shed light on your experiences and how those experiences have shaped you as an individual.
  • Your letters of recommendation will also play a significant role as they convey information to the admission officials about you that is not conspicuous from your application alone.
  • You also need to write a captivating, supplemental essay that is creative and meaningful. While you cannot get into Stanford based on your literary prowess alone, your essay is still a vital part of your application, and a good essay will boost your chances of acceptance.


To summarise, you need a good GPA (preferably above 3.96) and high test scores for your application to be considered at Stanford. Some many other prerequisites and factors will supplement your application, as discussed in this article. Stanford confers prestige and attracts a sizeable assortment of students from all over the country, from which only a select few are admitted into the university’s programs. If you wish to further your education at Stanford, you must submit an application allowing you to compete with the best in the nation.

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