How much can I raise my GPA in one year?




The grade point average is the cumulative average of all the grades a student earns in every class during the academic year. A better GPA brings along with it better – employment opportunities, chances to get scholarships, or getting into sought-after universities.

Various tips could be used to raise GPA. According to the Malaysian MyUiTM Engineer program, Grades can be increased effectively if the correct methods are implemented.

How much can GPA be increased within one academic year?

The potential for an increase in GPA is contingent upon a number of circumstances, including the components that make up your present GPA and the number of credits you intend to take or will be able to take in the upcoming academic year. To determine how much a student’s GPA may improve in a single academic year, equal to two semesters.

You can do reverse computation. Whoever looks at your current grade and intended GPA can determine how much of an average score you can achieve this year. If you wish to earn a grade point average of 3.5 and your current GPA is 3.2, you will need to earn a score of 3.8 in this year’s class.

The amount you can improve your GPA in one year also relies on what letter grade you are now earning.

  • Provided your grade point average is in the C- category, which ranges from 1.4 to 1.7, moving up to the B- category, which ranges from 2.4 to 2.7, is readily achievable for you if you maintain a perfect grade point average in all of your present classes.
  • In a similar vein, if you currently have a grade of b-Plus, the highest possible grade you can get is an A.

Therefore, the maximum amount you can improve your GPA in a single academic year depends on the number of hours you have. In some classes, the weight each semester contributes to the overall grade can vary; hence, this may also be a deciding element.

If you want to raise your GPA quickly, check out our article on how to raise your GPA in one semester or continue reading to determine how to do so over a year.

Tips to improve your GPA within a Year

1. Choose your electives after due research:

The first step is to choose subjects that are not too difficult and excite you. If you cannot perform in any subject, you can discuss the same with the faculty and change or drop the subject altogether.

2. Attend lectures regularly:

Missing lectures and self-studying using lecture notes are never enough. Attending classes regularly keeps up my enthusiasm.

The detailed verbal explanation experienced professors give helps the long-term retention of information. The exchange of thoughts between peers and faculty will also stimulate your opinions.

3. Active Participation in classes:

Only attending classes is not enough. You must actively participate in the classes, and it will show your eagerness towards learning and experimenting. Also, your professors will notice you and might give you extra credits for your good answers/questions. You can also make handwritten notes, which will be very easy to consult during quizzes.

4. Consulting various learning resources:

You must consult different learning resources like lecture notes, handwritten notes, class PPTs, case studies, homework and assignments, projects, helping sites, etc. This will give you the required theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject.

5. Setting SMART Goals:

You must set Specific, attainable, measurable, relevant, and time-bound goals for your grades and study schedule.

This includes evaluating your electives and the number of hours you want to dedicate to each topic based on difficulty level. Students can then allocate weekly hours to ensure better revisions and keeping up with the classes.

6. Rewarding yourself:

Motivation comes through rewards. Once you achieve a target/goal, you can reward yourself with a small treat or take some time off to do your favorite activity. This will refresh your mind and keep you enthusiastically achieving your next goal.

7. Take care of deadlines:

Missing deadlines leads to a chain. Missing one deadline will lead to missing one more, and you will have lots of overdue work within no time. Make a habit of finishing the work assigned to you in the given time.
Lifestyle improvement: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Eating right and light exercising are essential to staying fit and healthy. One should always be positive and take challenges heads up. Stay away from bad habits and toxicity.

8. Regular feedback with the professor:

You should stay closely connected to your professor. The assessor can tell you what is expected of you and the evaluation criteria for a particular elective. He can also tell you how to overcome weaknesses and use your strengths best.


An improved GPA can make a lot of difference in your life. By making these small day-to-day changes, you can achieve your targets quickly.

Apart from these tips, you can always enroll in group study forums and be a member of class group discussions to evaluate your understanding and preparation compared to your peers. You will make a difference with better planning, organization, and monitoring of your schedules and weekly assignments. A bright future waits for you!

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